Building Facts

As part of an Ohio Facilities Construction Commission Project, Buckeye Woods Elementary School was renovated during the Summer of 2014. These renovations included:

  • Ceiling tile replacement.

  • Remove and replace all above-the-ceiling cabling - phones & data - for wireless environment next year.

  • Take out earthen mounds and waterproof the walls. Install new brick.

  • New exterior doors and windows.

  • New security system with electronic locks.

  • Remove and replace all flooring to mimic the new elementary schools (rubber tile & carpet).

  • New marker boards and short throw projectors in all classrooms.

  • retrofit or replace interior doors.

  • Kitchens - new steamer, freezer, cooler and kettle. New flooring - polished concrete.

  • Sound systems in all classrooms.

  • Paint all walls, including the gymnasium.

  • Replace wall panels and acoustic tiles in the gymnasium.

  • Redo asphalt.

  • New storm lines.

  • New technology.

Size of Building: 66,749 square feet

Built: 1995