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A Parent's Guide to Understanding Elementary Progress Reports

Our progress report provides a “snapshot” of student learning that reflects grade level expectations, individual progress toward independently meeting expectations, and where help and support are needed.

Learning is the message we wish to communicate to both parents and students. Students should be evaluated on their individual progress toward achieving the standards and skill of their grade level.


The purpose of the South-Western City Schools’ Student Progress Report is to provide families with written communication about the learning progress of their individual students, as compared to the Ohio State Learning Standards.

Therefore, the student progress report is intended to:

● Be clearly understood by teachers, students, and families

● Be concise and consistent communication of student performance and growth over time, based upon grade level standards

● Promote ongoing conversations between school and families in supporting each student for success


Four levels of progress are noted using a numeric (numbers 1-4) marking system. In the marking scale, the numbers themselves are not the focus. Rather, the descriptor that coincides with each number and explains both the progress toward meeting grade-level standards and the degree to which the student is performing.

A mark of “4” indicates the “next level” of student learning. A student’s progress exceeds grade level because s/he has mastered grade-level standards in terms of knowledge, but also applies that knowledge in ways that go beyond grade-level expectations. Typically, very few children would be at this level.

A mark of “3” indicates that a student’s progress with skills and information meets grade-level expectations because success is independent and requires little or no adult support to demonstrate. A student at the top of his/her class successfully mastering skills and content may find themselves at level “3” all year, which indicates strong or excellent work, expected by the end of grade level.

A mark of “2” indicates a student’s progress with skills and information is in the grade-level range, but requires the support and assistance of others to show success at this time.

A mark of “1” indicates that a student’s progress with grade-level skills and information is below grade-level. His/her instructional level is characterized by maximum teacher support. Grade level expectations are not being met at this time.

Important Points to Consider and Follow:

● Literacy is identified in areas of reading, writing, and speaking and listening

● In the area of mathematics, a ‘mathematical reasoning’ section was created to help capture the work in the 8 mathematical practice areas

● Be aware that in content areas, VERY FEW student would legitimately earn a (4); carefully read the descriptor

● Marks of (2) and (3) are both considered within the grade level range of expected student performance. The difference is the level of support required, as outlined in the descriptor. One would expect most students to be receive “2” or “3” in most areas

If you have any questions or need further assistance in understanding the South-Western Elementary Progress Report, please contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Kauffeld.