Principal’s Message

December 2018 / January 2019

Dear Buckeye Woods Family,

As I walk through the halls of our building, I realize how fortunate we are to have the students we have in our school. I see displays on every bulletin board of our student’s learning, their expressions of happiness, their creativity and their unique thoughts. I am enjoying our students and watching them grow in so many ways. Each day I see the independence they show, in the choices they are making, along with their loving gestures of sharing a story, a poem or a hug. Today, in one of the classes, students were writing about their special family moments over break. I was listening to students share with each other and get so excited about using their senses to add details to their writing of the smell of their favorite cookies and the sounds that their Grandpa makes when he tells stories to them. Students were sharing of the laughter they hear when their family is together playing games and waiting to eat dinner. These moments that the students share gives such a perspective of what is important to our children and things that remain important to us as adults…. Special times with family.

As we approach our winter break and have time to spend with our own families, I realize that true joy does come from the simple things in our lives, most of which comes from our children. I hope you have a wonderful winter break and have time to truly enjoy some of the simple things in life.


Jenniffer Kauffeld