Principal’s Message

August 2018

Dear Buckeye Woods Community Members,

Welcome back to our new school year. This will be my eighth year at Buckeye Woods and I still get excited in the month of August for the school year to begin. I will continue with my commitment to you to provide an outstanding education for our young learners. I am also committed to fostering a community of caring and compassionate learners and leaders in our community.

I encourage you as a parent or community member to visit Buckeye Woods. I would enjoy the opportunity for you and me to walk our hallways. The main question I answer when making a decision is: “Is it what is best for our students?”

In order to continue my commitment to our community, our educational teams will be developing a focus for instruction and assessment on how to meet all student needs through best instructional practices, formative assessment development and data analysis. We believe that our students’ education is the top priority and realize that students learn differently, but all students want to learn.

One of the lessons I continue to learn is that for students to be their best we must all model mindfulness and kindness. Being mindful and kind means being aware of how we interact with every person. Knowing when someone feels something is important for them to be able to share and know someone cares about what they are saying. Kids and adults are extraordinarily observant, and they pick up on whether others are paying attention to them. By modeling behavior, and through our interactions, we show others what it’s like to be seen and heard and to be compassionate with others.

Our entire staff will work toward being a CHAMPION for our students as they grow educationally, emotionally and physically during the year.

Welcome Back!


Jenniffer Kauffeld

Buckeye Woods Elementary Principal